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Založba /*cf is a small Slovene publishing house specializing in social sciences and humanities. We are working in close cooperation with the academic sphere: our translators, editors and reviewers are mostly university professors and researchers while our publications are also highly regarded in the academic community. Our program is non-commercially oriented (mostly social sciences and humanities). We were established in 1997 and in the past eleven years we have published almost a hundred publications.

Our publications are thematically organized in several series. Our central series, »Rdeča« (Red), consists of translations of books in humanities and social sciences. »Oranžna« (Orange) series consists of text by Slovenian authors in this same field. We are also the Slovene exclusive publisher of Jacques Le Goff's series Faire l' Europe which is being published as the »Modra« (Blue) series. The »Lila« (Lilac) series consists of works in feminist theory, while the »Žepna« (Pocket) series presents short texts on modern and contemporary art. Shorter texts are published in the »Extra« series. In »Rumena« (Yellow)  we publish essays and biographies.

Literature is published in two series: in the »Zelena« (Green) series we publish literary works of both Slovenian and foreign authors and the »Kaif« editions present selected works of non-European literature. »Varia« series consists of photographic monographies and travelogues.